7 Safety Tips for Your Stay-at-Home Dog

Dogs enjoy walking around freely. But the global pandemic deprives them of that; no more park visits, no more show rings. That means spending more time at home. While it’s cute seeing them wagging tails, jumping happily, it’s not always a walkover. Staying in one place makes them distracted, restless, and nag as a result.

However, there are tips owners can use to engage their minds and also keep them safe.

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Ways To Engage Your Dog’s Mind

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Before implementing anything, it’s essential to understand your dog from a breed perspective. For instance, the Afghan Hounds are naturally aloof and free-thinkers. That means the exercise is likely to be a hurdle. But, Maltese, on the other hand, are cooperative and easy to handle.

Below are ways to hook your dog’s mind during this pandemic period:

Introduce New Commands and Tricks

Introducing new basic commands such as sit, come, and stay captures your dog’s attention. Also, it eases communication. Some breeds are adept and grasp new tricks faster.

 But in case yours lag, don’t rush to the next level yet. Always remember dogs’ brains capture small pieces of information at a time. Bombarding their head with an entire syllabus of tricks won’t yield any fruit.

Shower Them With Toys

There are a variety of toys; some are squeaky and produce weird sounds. Their shapes also differ; ropes, bones, stick, and animal shapes. While on the market, it’s vital to consider the toy’s level of durability. Some dogs are chewing masters’. For that, choose a toy that matches their chewing power.

Providing them with a bunch of favorite toys is not enough. You’ll need to track their interaction with the toys. Usually, they get bored after a while. When that happens, you’ll have to buy a new ‘favorite toy’; unless you want a recap of your dog’s restlessness.  

Belly Rubs and Hugs

Nothing soothes a dog’s mind like a gentle belly rub and a warm hug. The frequent cuddles make them feel loved and secure. What’s more, they yearn for it again and again. But you’ll have to set aside quality time for them to feel satisfied.

Regular Exercise

For a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise is essential. It doesn’t have to take place in a soccer field; your fenced backyard is enough. The primary goal of the training is to keep your pet fully engrossed.

There are different types of games you can play with your dog, like hide and seek and find the toy. Also, age is of ultra-importance. A two-month-old puppy can indulge in strenuous activities that a two-weeks-old puppy can’t.

7 Safety Tips for Your Stay-at- Home Dog

The moment you adopt a dog, they become a member of your household. And that calls for protection, good health, and a happy stay. Since they stay home often, it’s crucial to inspect the places they frequent. These tips, however, will help you to keep your furry friend safe.

Keep Household Chemicals Away!

Some household chemicals tempt dogs despite the danger they impose. For instance, antifreeze tastes remarkably good but a potential health hazard. Should your dog consume any household chemical, seek medical attention immediately.

Stop Feeding Your Dog Human Food

A dog that eats an improved diet is healthier than the ones that don’t. It’s crucial to adhere to dog foods and treats. Avoid food such as alcohol, avocado, grapes, caffeine, and chocolates. Instead of good, they mess with your dog’s health.

Keep Your Trash Away

Many dogs tend to raid garbage cans and eat anything they come across. While there might be food that hasn’t gone bad yet, 95% is usually not fit for consumption. These include; moulds, bacteria, and dangerous food scraps. There are other materials they could easily choke on, like metallic cans. So, keep your trash out of reach to avoid such cases.

Watch Out for Suffocation Danger

Some pet owners store foods in eating bags instead of bowls. Instead of disposing of the bags properly afterward, they throw them in open places. And since dogs enjoy experimenting on anything, they jump on the bags thinking it’s a Fetch game.

Imagine the outcome if the bag gets hold of their face tightly and blocks their breathing? It could be disastrous. The best way to dispose of eating bugs is by tying them into knots and throw away.

Keep Electrical Cords Away

Chewing masters bite anything chewable. If your dog is one of them, consider hiding electrical cords behind furniture. Out of curiosity, they’d want to have a bite only to get shocked in the process. It’s vital to keep the lines far from reach to avoid burns and untimely deaths.

Should there be a case of a damaged electrical cord, repair or replace it immediately.

Practice Fire Safety

When camping or holding parties, ensure your dog is under a leash indoors. This is to avoid accidents such as burning on the campfires or hot grills. Also, restrict your dog from accessing certain parts of the house, like the kitchen. It would be dangerous if they get hold of stoves knobs and switch them on. Or, remove the knobs if they must be in the kitchen area.


Your dog’s safety is your number one priority. Show them love, and they will always grace your presence with wagging tails.

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